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We on Boscia are passionate about nature and its conservation, and we concentrate on sustainable development of this beautiful place and beyond. We love an alternative type of travelling and just being here as we believe in the transformational power of the pure African nature on Boscia. That offers recreation, grounding, focusing and healing, and enables creation of sustainability.

We are located in the vast plains of southern Namibia between the famous big deserts Kalahari and Namib close to the dramatical shapes of the Naukluft region and near the spring of the Fishriver leading to the second biggest canyon of the world.The pure African experience in this great wide open leads us back to the awareness that we are part of nature.To live in the rhythm of bright days and clear nights without noise of cars, planes and civilization refreshes our natural resources. It grounds us.
Come and observe endemic African wildlife in its natural habitat which we protect sustainably as the number one contribution to nature conservation. Endangered species such as Zebra, Giraffe, vulture, eagle, bat eared fox as well as Springbok, Oryx and Kudu graze and browse on our farm.


Enjoy the stillness, the light and the African wilderness. Be part of our Namibian Farm.  Be safe and relaxed in the middle of the adventure of Africa. Enjoy the farm via walking and hiking, 4x4 game drives, by horse riding or cycling, foto safaris or African cooking. Enjoy just sitting at a waterhole and watching the wildlife. Share the daily fire, the stars, the dinner table, the stories and the meaning as well as the challenges of southern Africa. Wake up with the sun and calm down while watching these beautiful sunsets.


We really care for you and for every being on Boscia. We want you to be happy, fulfilled and be well looked after. It is about this loving care and the comfort of being a private family farm with a wonderful and joyful team.  Our very individual service for our beloved guests is straight from our hearts. Our eco-friendly delicious food is prepared with love exclusively from our Boscia Farm animals. We use vegetables from our own garden and local projects like the “Omomas Care Center” and the “Gardens of Hope”. We invite you to join us in one of our social and community development projects. We support you with your tours and planning and any other issues that might arise on a trip to Namibia.
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