Worth knowing

You can find important general information on the website of the foreign office, and on the website of the Namibian tourism board: Namibiatourism >>

The information provided by the Namibia Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA) is very interesting for hunters: NAPHA - Namibia Professional Hunting Assiation >>

We have summarised all interesting information for hunting and nature lovers in a brochure (which is available for download):
Boscia brochure >>

Here are a few specific tips from us:

Visa/entering the country

Nationals of many European countries (including Germany, Switzerland and Austria) do not currently have to apply for a visa to enter Namibia if their stay does not exceed 90 days per calendar year and you are not carrying out paid work in Namibia. You receive a free visitor’s entry permit in the form of a stamp at all official border crossings or at the airport when you arrive. Please carry a pen in your hand luggage and tick "holidays" on the entry form. Under "address", please enter:

Boscia Hunting and Guestfarm, PO Box 243, Kalkrand, Tel. 063-364208 and under "contact person": Claude Thorburn, Tel. +264-81-128-6863

Please note:
The residence permits are provided for the period you are planning to stay in Namibia based on the dates on your flight tickets. If you stay longer, you may face a prison sentence. We therefore recommend that you check as soon as you arrive that the number of days you are permitted to stay is in fact the same as the number of days you are planning to stay. It also makes sense to carry the flight ticket with you. Your passport has to be valid for six months after your return date. Children of all ages need their own travel documents. If you are arriving via another country, such as South Africa, you may require what's called a transit visa, even though you do not need one for Namibia.

Picking up guests from the airport

We work together with a transfer company, which picks up our guests from the airport and takes them directly to the farm. The drive from the airport to the farm takes 3 hours and has to be booked in advance (charge applies). 

Boscia airfield

The Boscia Hunting and Guestfarm has its own airfield with night lighting, suitable for twin engine aircraft.
Coordinates: S 24 degrees 05.494‘, E 17 degrees 05 494 ' 18.378‘, S.W. 210‘ N.E. 40‘
Description: FYHD

Cash and payment transactions

There are banks in all large towns. Changing money is not a problem and you can withdraw up to 3000 NAD from ATM machines with your EC or credit card. Restaurants and most shops accept credit cards. Smaller shops, market stalls and petrol stations only accept cash. You should leave a tip for parking attendants, for example; in restaurants, 10% is considered normal. At the petrol station you leave about 3 NAD tip if the service was good. At Boscia itself you don't really need cash; you can pay the bill in NAD or € by bank transfer. The team is always grateful for a cash tip, however. Please talk to us about it when you're here.

Climate and travel season

The climate in Namibia is mostly dry with a relatively low air humidity. You can travel to Namibia practically all the year round. The south of the country generally has more than 340 sunny days a year. June to August is considered the Namibian winter, and the months from November to April, the Namibian summer. Hunting is always excellent at Boscia, except for the months of December and January, when the hunting season is closed.

Autumn and winter has daily temperatures between 25 and 30°C. As soon as the sun has set, it can get quite cool, in winter down to almost 0°C, sometimes even below because of the desert climate! The rainy season is between January and March, for Boscia this means no more than half a day of rain, which both people and animals long for. Such a downpour is a stunning natural spectacle, because a few days later, the savannah is in full bloom. This is also the season for observing the young. From October and until March, the temperatures rise above 30 degrees. This is not a reason not to visit Boscia, because it is a dry and pleasant heat.

Diseases and vaccinations

Please ask the foreign office! You should get vaccinated against the most common diseases such as polio, and of course bring your personal medications with you. There is no malaria here in the south, and we do not advise against malaria prophylaxis. A good mosquito repellent, however, does make sense, depending on the season. People do sometimes get severely sunburnt or burn their lips, or suffer from coughs or a sore throat because they are not used to the dry weather; so please bring plenty of skin creams with oil, lip protection, sunscreen as well as tablets for sore throats, cough medicine and ointments for sunburn. If you suffer from allergies, you should bring your medications, because the nearest pharmacy is 100 km away.


Before your departure, you should take out foreign health insurance, accident insurance and luggage insurance. Hunters have to take out the usual insurances, including liability insurance.

Mobile telecommunications system and internet

In Namibia, you have mobile phone reception and internet access in all towns and cities. There may be no reception in the bush. To save money, we recommend that you buy a mobile phone card by the Namibian provider MTC. These are available at the airport and all towns. People often bring a second old mobile phone for the Namibian card. At Boscia we of course have guest WiFi.


It is advisable to carry all valuables such as purses and wallets, mobile phones, cameras, binoculars,… with you in the hand luggage. Unfortunately, thefts happen more frequently now in the Namibian towns, which is why we urge you to carry your valuables in a money bag that you always carry with you. It makes sense to carry smaller notes for tipping in your trouser pockets instead of showing your wallet or purse. We also advise you to store your valuables in a safe at Boscia and to place your weapons in the weapon storage cabinets.

Hunting at Boscia
Round trips and tours

Boscia is the perfect starting point for a tour of the south. We recommend a trip to the Naukluft region (about 3-5h), the grandiose Sossusvlei region (about 5-6h), the Kalahari (about 1-2h) or the Fish River Canyon, the world's second largest canyon (about 8h). Some guests take a short trip of two to three days to Walvisbay/Swakopmund (about 6h). Talk to us, we are happy to help you plan your trip (Anja Huppertz: anja@boscia-farm.com or 0049-173-5479988).