Importing weapons

Please note: Airlines (such as Air Namibia) charge approx. € 80 per weapon and flight. Please ask your airline in advance about any costs. Import permits are issued by the weapons desk at Windhoek International Airport. This must be completed upon arrival. Alternatively, you can download the form from the website of the Namibian embassy, print it out and fill it in. The form will be approved within 60 days.

On arrival in Namibia, please have your copy of the hunting invitation of your hunting provider at hand. We will send it to you in advance. Here you can find an information leaflet from the Namibian embassy. Please do not forget the corresponding weapons permit! Only long guns are permitted, not fully automatic weapons. The import of handguns is prohibited.

Please note: Do not import more than 100 rounds of ammunition, and only ammunition of a calibre that matches your weapon.

A little tip: Weapons and breeches must be stowed separately to comply with international air traffic safety regulations. This means, put the weapon and the sighting telescope into the gun case and the breech (of repeating rifles) into the suitcase. Do not transport anything in your hand luggage. Ammunition also has to be stowed separately from the weapon.