The farmland extends over 12,000 hectares of typical grass savannah. Here you see magnificent herds of Mountain and Plains Zebra, Oryx, Springbuck, Blesbuck, Impala, Hartebeest as well as Blue Wildebeest and Black Wildebeest grazing among bushes, shrubs and acacia. It is fascinating to see the ease with which the Eland, the largest species of antelope in the world, Greater Kudu, Waterbuck, Giraffe and Warthog roam the vast land. Even the very rare Nyala can be seen at close quarters. We particularly protect the Bat-eared fox, Aardwolve, Pangolin and Aardvark, which means that their population, which is declining in Namibia as a whole, is growing at Boscia. In accordance with Namibian law, the entire perimeter is fenced in, with a double fence to protect the animals. We are therefore registered as a “Jumping Farm”. Within the farm, there are no fences, which means the animals can roam freely. Here at Boscia, there is an amazing variety of African birds, with up to 660 bird species. A true paradise for bird watchers! Colonies of weavers, Kori bustards, Secretary birds, huge flocks of quails, Helmeted Guinee fowl and the protected Lapped face and White backed vultures can be found across Boscia. We are proud of our vulture restaurant where we now have Maribu stalk frequently visiting us.

The Boscia Hunting and Guestfarm is suitable for all ages and for families looking to escape the stresses of everyday life and to explore the rich diversity of Namibia. It's also worth exploring the country's small beauties. Almost all our guests particularly enjoy the many Ground squirrel colonies, which you can watch for hours as they go about their busy activities.