The photo safaris, game drives, wildlife observation and the observation from raised hides at the waterholes, where the wildlife can be experienced in a relaxed setting, are very popular. Our guides are very well trained and are able to answer (almost) all questions about flora and fauna. At the end of the day, you can enjoy the breath-taking natural spectacle at one of the many selected sundowner spots at Boscia, when the sun sets on the savannah and the sky turns a flaming red. An unforgettable natural wonder that gives way to the night with countless stars in the deep blue sky.
We not only look after the natural environment and the wildlife population, we also take care of the people around Boscia. We support a school project in the neighbouring village of Omomas for orphans and street children in the region. Boscia is also an ideal base from which to explore the diversity of the south of Namibia.

Boscia highlights

Photo safaris, game drives & guided nature tours

The photo safaris, game drives, nature walks and wildlife observations from raised hides or elevations by the waterholes, where the wildlife can be watched in a relaxed setting, are all wonderful and a part of everyday life at Boscia. You can do this with a driver, on foot guided or – if you would like to know more about the country and its flora and fauna – together with a guide. The details of these excursions of course depend on the wishes of our guests, but often it's nature who has the last word: perhaps it's the herd of wildebeest or giraffe calf, or perhaps the flowering countryside after the summer rains or the vultures going about their daily business. The flora and fauna here is very diverse, and quite often it is the unplanned experiences that you will remember forever.


Photo safari/game drive, 1 day  
Price per car with driver (up to 6 people) 110 €
Photo safari/game drive, half a day  
Price per car with driver (up to 6 people) 60 €
Nature tour, with a guide, partly in a car, 1 day  
Price per guide and car (up to 6 people) 150 €
Nature tour, with a guide, partly in a car, about 3 hours  
Price per guide and car (up to 6 people) 90 €



If you would like to explore the countryside alone without a guide, you are welcome to hike along our circular trails. There are trails of different distances, and they are well signposted; for many people it is a completely new experience to be in the "Veld" on your own. It's often the little things you discover when you walk at your own pace and there is no rush.


The sundowner is a wonderful and fascinating daily ritual that you can experience either on the way home from a photo safari at one of the many remote observation spots at Boscia, or as a cosy get-together over a nice drink and snacks. The sunset is different every time and always a stunning spectacle of nature that deeply touches and delights our guests.


Big Sundowner  
Get-together with drinks and snacks, price per person 10 €
Dinner in the savannah

Dinner in the savannah with campfire and food from the "poikie", at one of the wonderful places on the farm. (Weather permitting)

Price per person in addition to full board 30 €


Shooting training

Not just for hunters! Shooting at targets or clay pigeons on our shooting range with various weapons - an interesting experience for everyone. We have now completed our long range with various distances from 200m to 700m on a hill side amongst our wonderful Boscias.

PRICE OVERVIEW per person.

Shooting training  
per shot 6 €
Hired weapon, where applicable  
per day 15 €

For horse lovers there is nothing better than riding through the savannah and to get even closer to the wildlife than is possible on foot. Several farm horses are available.

PRICE OVERVIEW (Please confirm availability)


2-hour ride per person 20 €


Group Functions

Up to 40 people, price on request.

Sightseeing in the region

Visiting the home for orphans and street children

Boscia gives intensive support to the home for orphans and vulnerable children in Omomas, Kalkrand, which is 5 km from the farm – we supply meat and help with shopping and with the organisation of the home. The children are always thrilled about visitors, they like sweets and apples and other little gifts, but most of all, they like it when people read with them, do handicrafts or play football. The best time to visit is in the afternoon from 3 p.m. after their lessons, or at the weekends. (Check on availability)


Visiting the Pro Namibian Children orphanage  
with driver 60 €

Little gifts as you see fit.

3-day trip to the Sossusvlei region or to Swakopmund

Enjoy the oldest desert in the world, the freshest fish and the interesting seaport of Walvis Bay and Swakopmund with seal observations, boat tours, sand surfing, quad biking and much more. We organise everything for you, including transport and accommodation, to the same standard as at Boscia.


3-day trip: per person/day    
all-inclusive Price on request